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John J. Pershing was one of America’s most accomplished generals. Also known as the First World War, World War I was a global war that was centered in Europe. The conflict began on July 28, 1914, and lasted until November 11, 1918.

Pancho Villa Expedition - Wikipedia The Pancho Villa Expedition—now known officially in the United States as the Mexican Expedition, but originally referred to as the "Punitive Expedition, U.S. Army" —was a military operation conducted by the United States Army against the paramilitary forces of Mexican revolutionary Francisco "Pancho" Villa from March 14, 1916, to February 7, 1917, during the Mexican Revolution of 1910–1920. John J. Pershing - Simple English Wikipedia, the free John J. Pershing. General of the Armies John Joseph "Black Jack" Pershing (September 13, 1860 – July 15, 1948), was a general officer in the United States Army. He led the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. Pershing is the only person to be promoted in his own lifetime to the highest rank ever held in the United States Army. General of the Armies, John 'Black Jack' Pershing, ca. 1921-24

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GEN John J. "Blackjack" Pershing Chapter | Association of… AUSA is a non-profit educational organization that supports America's Army – Active, Guard, and Reserve, and Army Civilians, Retirees, and Families.

Richard Goldhurst, Pipe Clay and Drill: John J. Pershing, the classic American soldier, (Reader's Digest Press, 1977) Gene Smith, Until the Last Trumpet Sounds: The Life of General of the Armies John J. Pershing (Wiley, New York, 1998) ISBN 978-0-471-24693-0

Explore a piece of America’s military history at Gen. John J. Pershing Boyhood Home State Historic Site and learn about the experiences that molded a Laclede country boy into one of the nation’s legendary generals. John Joseph Pershing, General of the Armies At an Oklahoma City reception, Buckles, then 18 and newly back from two years at war in France, caught the eye of Gen. John "Blackjack" Pershing, the commander of U.S. forces in Europe. The mighty general, a stickler for discipline, summoned Buckles from the throng to compliment his impeccable military demeanor and to chew the fat.

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APUSH 29 Flashcards | Quizlet Pershing was an American general who led troops against "Pancho" Villa in 1916. He took on the Meuse-Argonne offensive in 1918 which was one of the longest lasting battles- 47 days in World War I. He was the commander of the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe during World War I. John J. Pershing - Historic Missourians - The State ... Recollections of John J. Pershing by a native of Laclede, MO, Pershing’s home town. Lomax, Victor W., Papers (SUNP2851) Correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, and questionnaires concerning General John J. Pershing, Pershing Memorial State Park, and World War I. State Historical Society of Missouri, Typescript Collection (C0995) General Pershing on How to Stop Islamic Terrorists The Daily Debunker brings you the top stories on U.S. General John J. Pershing effectively discouraged Muslim terrorists in the Philippines by killing them and burying their bodies ...

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Джон Першинг родился на ферме в штате Миссури недалеко от города Леклейд (англ. Laclede), в который переехал в 1861, после того, как его отец купил там склад. Окончил школу в 1878, в 1880—1882 учился в Первой миссурийской нормальной школе (впоследствии Государственный... Першинг Джон Джозеф. 100 великих полководцев Второй… Джон Першинг родился 13 сентября 1860 года в Лин Каунти (Миссури) в семье торговца. Семья Першинга была очень бедной, поэтому, окончив высшую школу, он работал помощником учителя, чтобы собрать деньги на продолжение образования. Затем Першинг поступил в...