3ds games that has multiple saving slot

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Why don't they add multiple save profiles to Pokemon games?

Started a game on multiplayer so a friend of mine could play with me. Now wondering if i can make an additional slot for just me in a single player game, and not write over any save files? Hate to find out after i started that our common game was wiped. nintendo 3ds 3dsxl 2ds pokemon sixth generation - Is it ... You can access it by pressing the Home button, and while you have Pokémon X/Y highlighted choose Manual instead of Open/Resume. While I have not tried personally, I assume there is some way the game prevents multiple save files. There may be illegitimate ways to gain a second save file, but these could damage your game and/or save. how many save slots in skyrim? | Yahoo Answers

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Unless the save files were for different games. ie. each save file is a different slot/game and when you save in that game it only overwrites that slot. But yeah, it's pretty much for the same reason there's 2 versions of each gen, so that you buy more games. Anyone know how many Pirates / Save Slots we'll get? | Sea ... @icecreammanatee said in Anyone know how many Pirates / Save Slots we'll get?: As has been said, there are no skill/class tracks in this game, so save slots seem unnecessary. Upon reflection, though, other slots may help with the roleplaying immersion. Let's say I play a pirate for hours, progressing with the guilds.

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(Updated Nintendo 3DS Compatible version of this card is being sold under the name R4i 3DS and R4i SDHC 3DS. The only difference from the NDS/NDSi model is the 3DS support of R4i3DS) NDS ROMs • Nintendo DS Roms » R4 DS Games

If you have suspended a software title, make sure you have closed it before removing its Game Card. What to Do: Hold the Game Card so that the label of the Game Card and the bottom of the system are both facing in the same direction. For Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and Nintendo 2DS, the game card slot is located on the back of the system.

List of 3DS homebrew; Page · ... Create multiple consoles and print to them with a minimal version ... Exploit for the Sudoku DSiWare game used to boot Nintendo DS ... R4i Gold 3DS Plus - R4i gold Revolution For 3DS,DS,DSL,DSi R4i Gold 3DS Plus User Instructions ... the 3DS SLOT. The 3ds games list will show on ... green,it means this item has been opened in the game.When the ball on the ... Nintendo DS Troubleshooting - iFixit Nintendo DS Troubleshooting ... Make sure there is not foreign material wedged between the DS game card and the game slot on ... My 3DS XL has a slowly growing ... Problem with some games not saving - General Gameboy ...

I have a "New" Nintendo 3DS XL. I am attempting to play Age of Empires: The Age of Kings (DS Version) I have played the games multiple times before today on the 3DS itself. The game was purchased from Nintendo, so it is not a knock off version. When I insert the cartridge into the game slot, the games icon loads on the screen.

NEW 3DS XL Gameslot - NEW 3DS XL Card Reader Slot 1 Product Features NEW 3DS XL Gameslot - NEW 3DS XL Card Reader Slot 1 If you have bent some of the pins back in the game slot or just having problems with your NEW 3DS XL reading game cards then this part is what you need, you cant just replace a few pins you need to replace the whole unit. Pokemon Sun and Moon: Are There Multiple Saves? Unfortunately, the games both don’t allow for multiple save files, and you can only have one save file per character as per usual in the series. If you do want to start over again, you’ll need ... 3DS Savegame Requests thread | GBAtemp.net - The ... If you have a .bin file provided with the .sav file, the game has been played with a specific "Unique cartridge ID" and the save is using it to encrypt its content, you need to import that Unique ID in your ROM or the save will not work.