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Resource Library | Video The Economics of the Illicit Ivory Trade Explore the issues of supply and demand that fuel the illegal trade in ivory, and go undercover to learn about the rising prices of black-market ivory. ABC adds 'Black-ish' spinoff, more 'Conners' and Tiffany ... ABC's fall lineup: More 'Conners,' new 'Black-ish' spinoff and Tiffany Haddish. The network will make few changes to its schedule, with just three new series, with more 'Idol' -- and Tiffany ... Illegal Tiger Trade: Why Tigers Are Walking Gold ... National Geographic photographer Steve Winter and I had come to Central India to shoot the short video above, Battling India’s Illegal Tiger Trade, on one of the most devastating threats facing the world’s last 3,000 wild tigers: poaching. Tigers are walking gold, worth a fortune on the black market. Chapter 4 Test #2 Flashcards | Quizlet C. Illegal activities such as gambling and black market transactions are considered in GDP and GNP. D. Using gross product figures to compare production across countries accounts for different cost of living in each country.

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Nevada produces about three-quarters of all of the gold mined in the United States. Its underground treasures also include silver, copper, and some of the world’s best black opals. FUN STUFF. Famous folks from Nevada include tennis pro Andre Agassi and Patricia Ryan Nixon, former first lady of the United States. National Geographic Underground Gambling - Underworld, Inc. is a National Geographic television series which explores various illegal underground markets, with episodes dedicated to various black markets including the trade in illegal weapons, illegal gambling, narcotics, and even humans.

Oct. 19, 2017 - In the Peruvian jungle, loggers chopped a tree down and retrieved an illicit prize—a sloth. Sloths sleep for up to 20 hours a day, and their seemingly calm, docile personalities make them easy to capture, transport, and handle. The stress of these experiences can lead to their premature deaths. The loggers sold the sloth for $13 at a market in the port town of Iquitos, known ...

Watch Underworld, Inc. - The Black Market of Monday 8 August 2016 online and free on National Geographic. Underworld, Inc. full episodes, films and v... National Geographic – Underworld, Inc. Series 1 (2015) 6of6 ... Underworld, Inc. Series 1From the illegal weapons to the underground sex trade, nothing is off limits and everything is for sale in illegal, underground markets. It’s an industry that is brutal, exploitative, and corrupt where what you buy isn’t always what it seems.

national; Vulnerable people from students to gamblers are being recruited by organised crime ... we have seen cases where people with gambling debts, or those who have only just arrived in ...

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